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Q&A with the Author


The Fall 2022 issue of Emory Magazine features a Q&A session with the author. In the article “What we can Learn from America’s Pandemic Responses”, Polly Price writes about the origins of her interests in the intersection of law and public health. In 2013, she worked with the CDC in El Paso, Texas, studying the inflow of tuberculosis into the US. In 2017, she received a...

How Epidemics Shaped America


On September 8th, the author lectured in the Speaker Series of the Gwinnett County Public Library. The video is available online. In this narrative history of the US through major outbreaks of contagious disease, from yellow fever to the Spanish flu, from HIV/AIDS to Ebola, Polly Price examines how law and government affected the outcome of epidemics—and how those outbreaks in turn shaped our...

Law, Science and Technology at Georgia Tech


On September 1st, the author led a seminar at Georgia Tech on tuberculosis control and local public health. That seminar and the lecture that followed are summarized by Jessamyn Lockett of the campus newspaper. Lockett writes that liberal arts majors may find themselves at odds with Georgia Tech’s focus on STEM. She quotes Law, Science, and Technology (LST) director and event co-coordinator Chad...

Can state governors ban mask mandates in schools?


The mask wars are back, this time in the classroom. Many Americans continue to believe that they have a right not to wear face masks because they personally object to them. Some governors have stoked this belief by banning local schools from adopting mask mandates, fueling a debate about the safety of school children that has no common ground. School mask policies divide communities into two...

What did you think would happen?


Dear Governors of North and South Dakota: These numbers from today are terrible, and our sympathies and prayers are with your residents. But what did you think would happen, with numerous maskless, high number public gatherings, in the midst of a pandemic other states chose to address?


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